Tanner Saraceno es un luchador de artes marciales mixtas y luchador profesional Americano. El fue parte de la sexta temporada de la competencía de la WWE, WWE Tough Enough, donde el fue el noveno en ser eliminado.

Carrera como luchador de artes marciales mixtas

After WWE Tough Enough, Saraceno resumed his career in mixed martial arts. Standing 6'1", Saraceno currently competes as a middleweight fighter (alluding to possibly weighing between 172-186 lbs by UFC and some other active MMA division weight classes). He has also competed as a welterweight (156-170 lbs). His first fight was on June 14, 2014 at UCL Fight Night, in a middleweight fight against Paul Feinberg. He defeated Feinberg by KO in .31 seconds of the first round. On August 2, Saraceno defeated Cavin Sunkins at Conflict MMA by knockout. On September 13, 2014 at Fight Lab 40, Saraceno lost to Tresean Gore due to an injury sustained during the first round.

On April 15, 2015, Saraceno returned to competition at USFFC 22: Metal and Mayhem, defeating Jay Gray by knockout. On November 14, 2015 at USFFC 25: Defiance, Saraceno challenged for the Middleweight Championship held by Tommy Metzger. He defeated Metzger by knockout in 1:45 of the first round.

El récord amateur de Saraceno se mantuvo en 4-1-0 (victorias-derrotas-empates) antes de competir profesionalmente. Su primer pelea profesional fue el 11 de Septiembre de 2015 en Gladiators FC 8. Como un peso mediano, en donde Saraceno perdió ante Eldar Eldarov.

Saraceno estaba programado para competir en contra de Bevon Lewis en USFFC 26 el 5 de Marzo de 2016, pero el combate fue cancelado. En Marzo de 2016, el récord de Saraceno de peleas en general se sitúa en 5-1-0, mientras que el récord profesional de Saraceno se sitúa en 0-1-0.

El 23 de Agosto de 2016, Saraceno regresó a las MMA durante un evento, anunciando que se iba a enfrentar ante Andre Roy el próximo 14 de Noviembre.[1].

Carrera como luchador profesional


Tough Enough (2015)

Saraceno joined Season 6 of WWE Tough Enough. Described as a hard worker and the "pack leader" in group of contestants, Saraceno was the ninth elimination during the competition. Officials were impressed by his athleticism and conditioning, but noted his lack of promotion skills as a weak point. The WWE stated their willingness to still work with Saraceno if he was still interested in improving his work as a wrestler. There is no official word suggesting (yet) whether or not he will pursue professional wrestling.

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